Brief of Expert System for Maize

The Expert System for Maize Crop emulates the interaction a user might have with a human expert to solve a problem. It is meant to enhance the efficiency of farmers or Agricultural Extension personnel for maize crop management and to increase the crop yield. It determines the best strategy for irrigating, applying fertilizer and insecticides. Presently, it has four subsystems: Variety Selection, Cultural Practices, Disease Diagnosis, Insect Identification, and Post Harvest Technology. The Variety Selection subsystem advises location specific varieties and Cultural Practices advises on the aspects of irrigating, application of fertilizers and insecticides. Disease Diagnosis and Insect Identification subsystems help the stake-holders to diagnoses the disease and to identify insects affecting the maize crop and suggest preventive and control measures. Post Harvest Technology subsystem deals with storage and processing of maize for developing value added products.

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