Brief of Expert System for Mushroom

Expert System for Mushroom Crop has been developed using AgriDaksh. This system is a farmer oriented and user friendly software which provides spectrum of information with images of mushroom crop such as cultivation technology of different mushrooms, diseases and pest management, spawn production technology, compost preparation by short & long method, Post harvest handling & harvesting, Crop management, Nutrition & medicinal value, Transfer of technology, Fungal, viral, bacterial diseases & abiotic disorders etc. Cultivation Technology module gives detail information about compost preparation, spawning, spawns running, casing, fruiting. Post harvest management module gives detail information about Packing and Storage and Short Term Storage. Pest & Diseases module gives detail information about Insect,Pest like Nematodes, mites and springtails and several diseases like Dry Bubble (brown spot), Wet Bubble (White Mould), Cobweb, Green Mould, False truffle (Truffle disease) etc, and timely control measures against pests & diseases.

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Directorate of Mushroom Research
Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute 
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