Problem Area for the Expert System of Extension
The problem has been getting the knowledge from an expert into machine understable form. For gathering the knowledge of agriculture domain, it is better to classify it into different subdomains such as Corps, Vegetables, Pulses, Oilseeds, Fruits,Flowers and Agricultural Enterprises. To start with , it is proposed that at least one crop in each sub area will be selected as listed in the table 1.

S.No. Crops/AgriBusiness Seasons
Rabi Kharif
1 Cereals - Paddy
2 Pulses Pea -
3 Oil seeds Mustard -
4 Vegetable Tomato -
5 Flowers Gladiolus -
6 Agribusiness Mushroom -
7 Post Harvest Technology Of Mango
Table: 1 Crops for the Expert System of Extension
Area Selected
The most suitable region found is Hot Semi-Arid Eco-region With Alluvium Derived Soil. The agro-ecoregion constitutes parts of Gujrat,Northern Plains and central high lands. It covers the area of 32.2 m ha, representing 9.8% of the total geographical area of the country. The table 2 shows the selected states and districts from the region.

S.No. State Districts Crops
1 Punjab Ludhiyana Paddy, Mustard, Pea
2 Haryana Karnal, Gurgaon, Hisar Paddy,Mustard, Tomato
3 Delhi Delhi Gladious, Tomato, Mushroom,Pea
4 Rajashan Bharatpur Mustard
5 Gujrat Anand Mustard
6 M.P. Datia Mustard
7 U.P. Kanpur, Lucknow, Varanasi Tomato, Gladious, Mango, Pen, Tomato
Table: 2 Selected States & Districts for the expert system of extension

Map showing hot semi arid agro-ecoregion

Map showing hot semi arid agro-ecoregion